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Many people think that their only options after being arrested for drunk driving are to admit guilt and pay the fines. In reality, that's often the worst option. In New Jersey, the penalties for driving under the influence get more severe with each subsequent arrest. Admitting guilt after a first DUI arrest can lead to even more serious penalties if you are arrested a subsequent time.

If you are convicted of drunk driving, you could lose your license, be forced to use an ignition interlock device, be subject to increased insurance premiums, pay hefty fines and accrue points against your driving record.

At Hobbie Corrigan & Bertucio, P.C. Attorneys at Law, we know what is at stake for individuals who are arrested for drunk driving, and we fight aggressively to protect their rights. We defend individuals in Monmouth County and throughout New Jersey who were arrested for drunk driving.

DUI Penalties

In New Jersey, the penalties for drunk driving vary depending on the variable of the arrest. Individuals who are convicted of a first-time DUI may face jail time, a suspended driver's license and thousands of dollars in fines. Penalties for subsequent arrests are even harsher, and a third offense can carry mandatory jail time.

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If you have questions about drunk driving charge, including whether you are obligated to submit to testing, whether you can challenge a license suspension after a DWI arrest or other issues, we encourage you to visit our DUI frequently asked questions page.

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