Monmouth County Drug Trafficking Charge Attorneys

Drug Distribution Defense Lawyer

If you are under investigation for state or federal drug trafficking, or have already been arrested and charged for felony trafficking charges in New Jersey or the New York City metro area, get an experienced lawyer from Hobbie Corrigan & Bertucio, P.C., at your side as soon as possible.

Prosecutors often add on drug trafficking and distribution charges based on an association with another individual charged with a drug offense. They may also increase charges to trafficking if they think the amount in possession is excessive. We work aggressively to challenge everything about the prosecutor's case, as we look for strategies to dismiss charges or reduce charges to a lesser penalty.

Whether charged with local, state or federal crimes, protect your rights. Contact our firm immediately. Our firm consists of a team of drug defense attorneys who defend people charged with a variety of criminal charges, including violent crimes and narcotics offenses such as:

  • Drug trafficking and distribution, federal and state felonies
  • Narcotics possession and manufacturing, cultivation
  • Illegal prescriptions, prescription fraud charges

When Your Liberty Is on the Line, Get Us on the Line

Call us anytime of the day or night to discuss the circumstances of the investigation or your arrest and charges. We will meet at police station as soon as possible and advise you of your rights. We go to every length to help you avoid a conviction and jail time.

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From offices in Eatontown and Toms River, we represent clients in Red Bank and other communities throughout Monmouth County, Ocean County and Middlesex County. Contact us to talk to one of our experienced Red Bank drug trafficking charge lawyers today.