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Car Accidents Archives

Car crash study shows seat belts lessen liver injury severity

Many motor vehicle accidents in New Jersey result in blunt abdominal trauma with two of the most frequently damaged organs being the liver and spleen. In the case of a severe injury, the spleen can be removed but not the liver, which is why everything possible should be done to protect against liver injuries. One important step is to use the seat belt.

Less than 6 hours of sleep raises risk for car crash

Residents of New Jersey may want to think about how much sleep they are getting and how that affects their driving abilities. Experts recommend between seven and nine hours of sleep, but surveys from the U.S. Department of Transportation and other organizations show that about one in three adult drivers fails to get this much. This is important to know because drowsy driving accounts for 7 percent of all car crashes in the U.S., including 16 percent of fatal crashes.

Smartphones have made mobile workers more distracted

Thanks to its Driver Safety Solutions, the vehicle management and reimbursement platform Motus has helped businesses reduce collision rates among their grey fleet drivers by 35 percent. However, it is clear that distracted driving is still an ongoing issue among such drivers and among mobile workers as a whole. New Jersey motorists will want to know about a study that Motus has released concerning this topic.

Study profiles those at highest risk for distracted driving

A study published by the Society for Risk Analysis has uncovered four profiles of drivers who are strongly inclined to call or text while behind the wheel. New Jersey residents may be interested in the results because they could point the way toward more effective distracted driving campaigns that target certain received notions about road safety.

Auto distractions caused by entertainment systems

Smartphones are often blamed for the rise in distracted driving accidents in New Jersey and around the country, but research from the American Automobile Association suggests that using sophisticated automobile entertainment and navigation systems can be just as dangerous as sending a text message while behind the wheel. AAA tested five vehicle electronic systems from Ford, General Motors, Dodge, Honda and Kia, and t found that all of them place high or very high demands on drivers.

Driving safely during the winter

According to the United States Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration, 22 percent of all motor vehicle accidents are attributed, at least in part, to weather. Because of hazardous seasonal conditions, drivers in New Jersey should take extra precautions to drive safely during the winter season. Two of the primary hazards are ice and black ice.

End of daylight saving time signals increased risk for drivers

The end of daylight saving time may be associated with an increased risk of wildlife-related crashes, and motorists in New Jersey and other states should take note. According to the department of transportation in one western state, an average of 3,300 animal-vehicle collisions are reported each year with property damage exceeding $3,400 on average. Shorter daylight hours make animals on the move more difficult to see during prime travel times regardless of locale, so drivers everywhere may want to take extra care to avoid an accident.

Vehicle collision reduction systems are saving lives

Collision avoidance systems have not become the norm in vehicles in New Jersey and around the nation as of yet. However, recent findings by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) suggest that manufacturers should consider making collision avoidance systems standard.

Snapchat blamed for deadly reckless driving accidents

New Jersey law enforcement agencies have noticed a disturbing increase in the number of serious accidents caused by distracted drivers, and motorists using their smartphones to read or post messages on social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook are often responsible. These companies have been criticized in certain quarters for failing to do enough to curb this type of behavior, and the company behind the popular messaging application Snapchat has been accused by some road safety advocates of actively encouraging it.

Safety awareness for teen drivers and their families

New Jersey motorists may recognize that driving while texting is dangerous, but this does not necessarily cause them to make safe decisions with regard to smartphone use in their vehicles. Statistics for 2015 reflect a sudden increase in driving fatalities after many years of decreasing numbers. Data collected for the year indicates that the most negatively affected group is that of teen drivers, a group that suffered a 10-percent increase in driving fatalities from the previous year.

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